Wednesday, 14 June 2017



2 in 1 Magic Bullet Electric Grill

Magic Bullet- Smokeless Grill electric stove electric hot pot grill 2 in 1 Magic Bullet Electric Grill is superior to similar products already on the market by many advantages and safety features . Magic Bullet Kitchen pot roast has met the general requirements of the machines in use today is the simple and convenient in use .- Compact design , the kitchen is fairly simple structure with two components : resistors , and clusters baking tray so easily removable . Moreover, the baking tray is made of stainless steel and enamel should be used every time you can easily clean and hygiene . Truth kitchen plastic insulation should be capable of stove can put in many places even on the glass table .


- Power : 1650W

- Power : ~ 220V – 50Hz

- Temperature adjustable : 0 ~ 240 degrees C

- Color : black red
  weight ; 5.2kg

- Origin : Korea manufacturing technology in Taiwan

Pot roast Cooker Magic Bullet extremely convenient, helping you get more food processing

Products include:
1 . Brackets
2 . Trays heat
3 . Plugs for baking pan thermostat
4 . Excess grease tray
5 . Handles
6 . baking pan
7 . Temperature controllers
8 . Thermal Sensors
9 . Main conductors
10 . autographed plug
11 . Temperature control valve

FEATURES :- At the same time eating hot pot and barbecue only on a cooker pot roast- Saves time and effort to prepare

- Non-stick baking tray and food safety , food made easy .

- Barbecue is not burning , smoke and dust .

- Easy to control , hygiene and cleaning .

- Helps you save money on food and travel .

- Magic Bullet M898A divided into 2 trays : one tray near to baked, fried foods , pot 1 tray to set .

- Easy to clean and hygienic after your family feast ends .

- Product standard Korean technology

Stovetop Coated be beautiful and durable

Products with stainless steel pot

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