Friday, 24 February 2017

6 in 1 Playground Set


- Plastic toys are the latest trends in high quality materials, using imported food colored plastic (LLDPE) as the raw materials.

-It is fused by advanced technology of Rotation / Blow Molding, plastic powder paint, anti-UV, anti-aging.

-There is no protrusion on the surface of sharp objects.

-Safety features, environment, exquisite, durable, never fade, easy installation, become popular in new communiti s, gardens, villas, parks, residential quarters, playgrounds, 
Children's Palace, shopping malls, supermarkets, And various other interior and exterior places.

-Is a preferred product, is also an ideal alternative products and product updates, in kindergarten.

-Recommended age of users are 3-12 years old

-Size: 300 * 185 * 176 cm


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